Where is Side Splitter again? 

Memorial Hall in Hamilton Hill (435 Carrington Street)

How do I get in? 

The entrance is located at the front of the building on Rockingham Road. 

What time does the bar open? 

The bar opens at 5:30pm each night. 

Do I need to print my ticket? 

Nope! Help us reduce paper usage and just bring along your phone and we can scan your tickets directly from your email or, if you can’t do that we will just look up your name! 

Do you take cash at the bar? 

Side Splitter is strictly a cashless bar. Eftpos/card only.

What room is my show on at Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall has two performance spaces: The main hall and round room. The larger performances are held in the main hall and the more intimate but equally as good shows are staged in the round room.

Is there a dress code? 

Nope, you can wear whatever you want!* Got a fancy dress that you never get to wear because it’s just a bit too fancy? Wear it to Side Splitter! Own a fabulous tie but no button up shirt to wear it with? Pair it with your favourite tee and rock the classic Avril Lavinge look at Side Splitter! Wish you could wear your ugg boots everywhere? Wear ‘em to Side Splitter and enjoy the comfiness! 

*There are a few exceptions, of course. No thongs, no bathers, no gang clothing, no clothing that smells really, really bad - you know, the usual dress code stuff.

Can I get a refund?

Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance of your selected show will receive a 100% refund. Just shoot us a message through our contact email or via our Facebook page. 

Can minors / under 18 attend events?

Side Splitter Comedy Festival is strictly 18+ only.

Can I BYO food and drink

Nope. We have a fully serviced bar and food van